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Designed by Teresa Shearer for Aurora Orkney Jewellery

Up Helly Aa Axe Kilt Pin

Up Helly Aa Axe Kilt Pin

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It was our privilege to design and hand craft the jewellery for the Jarl Squad in 2023. 

These pieces were commissioned by the Guiser Jarl, and are special gifts for friends and family. This beautiful kilt pin has been designed by Theresa Shearer.  The Kilt pin mirrors the design of the Guizer Jarl axe.

The kiltpin is available to purchase by the public, with 10% of the sales going towards the Up Helly Aa Organising Committee for future years. 

The Kilt Pin is made from Sterling silver and measures 9.5cm by 5cm. (at widest part)


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