• The easiest and fastest way is to look at an existing ring that you have for the finger you’d like your ring to fit. You can use a piece of string round the inside and then see below to match up the size.

    If you don’t have a current ring, then use a piece of string, measuring round the finger. The main mistake people make is to pull it tight – your fingers can swell in heat. Be a little generous with this. Mid-afternoon is a good time to try or even better you can try on a few occasions.

    If this is proving hard – then we can send you a ring measurer to test. Just drop us a line on info@aurora-jewellery.co.uk We are always happy to help.

Silver Care

Use warm water and a mild hand soap to gently clean your silver jewellery. 
Rinse any soapy residue off carefully. 
Dry with a soft cloth. 

Alternatively, you can use a specialist cleaning cloth to polish your jewellery. 

Pewter Care

Dampen a soft cloth with a warm water and a dab of mild hand soap.
Work the mixture into a later on the cloth and gently wipe the cloth over the jewellery. 

Rinse the piece carefully. 

Pat the piece dry with a dry, clean cloth. 

Please do not use a brush or coarse fabrics as they may cause abrasion.