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Aurora Orkney Jewellery

Spirit of Shetland Aurora Tartan Kilt

Spirit of Shetland Aurora Tartan Kilt

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Exclusive Aurora Spirit of Shetland tartan kilt. This tartan depicts the landscape of Shetland. Colours; grey and green represent the land; purple represents heather; blues for the sea and sky; yellow for the sandy beaches.

Includes kilt and flashes.

All our kilts are handmade by our own professional kiltmaker and are made to measure for the perfect fit.

Please allow four weeks for delivery from date of purchase, although quicker times may be available upon special request.

We supply all kilt outfit accessories so please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss jackets, sporrans and more.

We also have a selection of kilt pins and cufflinks on our site.



We require four measurements:

A Waist Measurement taken around navel
B Seat (Hip) measurement taken over trousers and round broadest part of hips
C Length taken from top of hip bone to top of kneecap or mid kneecap as desired.
D Full height in bare feet


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