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Designed by Teresa Shearer for Aurora Orkney Jewellery

Eternally Yours Neck Wire

Eternally Yours Neck Wire

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Neck wire from the Outlander Eternally Yours Collection. Marrying together the Scottish Thistle and English Rose, mounted on an infinity loop.

About the symbolism

Endless throughout time - the infinity loop perfectly represents Jamie and Claire's love.

The thistle has been a national symbol of Scotland since 1263. Legend tells of a Viking invader stepping on one. His cries gave away their presence to the defending Scots at the Battle of Largs and so ending the Norse invasions. 

Roses have been used as emblems and heraldic symbols in England for millennia. The Tudor Rose has been used as the national flower of England since the Tudor period. As a term it describes a beautiful and fair lady, summing up Claire perfectly.

 Size 4.1cm x 1.8cm

This official licensed collection is designed by Teresa Shearer, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products.

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