What is a Tammie Norrie?

What is a Tammie Norrie?


One of nature’s wonders that we most look forward to in the summer is the arrival of the puffins, or the Tammie Norries, to Scotland. Tammie Norrie is the old Scots word for puffin, used especially in the Shetland Isles, and may refer to an old phrase used for a foolish looking man.


Come to think of it, that’s a bit appropriate, for surely these are the most charming of our seabirds, with their vibrant orange beaks and tuxedo like black and white plumage- not to mention their playful, sometimes clumsy, wee personalities and remarkably relaxed nature, even around humans.


In May and June, the Tammie Norries arrive by the millions from their winter home floating in the stormy North Sea to Scotland’s coasts, especially the islands. In Orkney, you can see them at the Brough of Birsay, Marwick Head, and in Westray, Noup Head and the Castle of Burrian. Sule Skerry has the largest puffin colony, with up to 60,000 nesting pairs, but you have to visit it by boat. In Shetland, you can see puffins at Sumburgh Head and Hermaness in Unst.


When the puffins arrive in the islands, we know that the long days of summer aren’t far away. And who could help but be inspired, and not just by their cuteness factor? Their ability to dive up to 60 meters beneath the ocean's surface to capture their prey is a sight to behold! Then, carrying up to 60 fish in their bills, they soar through the skies at speeds of up to 55 mph back to their burrows to feed their families. Puffins also mate for life, symbolising true love and commitment. It’s no wonder these endangered creatures are among Scotland’s most photographed birds.


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