Clan Fraser & the origins of 'Laughing his head off'....

Clan Fraser & the origins of 'Laughing his head off'....

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It’s been great to see the response from our recent launch of the Clan Fraser ‘Je suis Prest’ Collection, so in this months blog, we pay homage to Jamie Fraser and everyone’s favourite Scottish clan. And while Jamie may be a fictional character, the Fraser clan is based in real life, and its history really does read like something out of an adventure novel.

The Frasers, based in Inverness-shire, originated in France, and it’s thought they came to Britain following the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066, moving north to Scotland around 1160.

Our striking brooch and pendant design features the Clan Fraser motto “Je Suis Prest”, which is medieval French for “I Am Ready”. The family name comes from the French word for strawberry, which is the clan’s plant badge, and the mighty stag is its associated animal, both of which are beautifully incorporated into this original Celtic design.


In keeping with the escapades of Claire and Jamie, the clan really does have quite a colourful past, having played a role in most of Scotland’s wars and political upheavals, from the battle of Bannockburn to the overthrow of Mary Queen of Scots (on the side of Mary) to the Jacobite Uprising.




The fictional grandfather of Outlander’s Jamie is Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat, also known as the Old Fox. He was a real person, and other than inventing an illegitimate branch of his family tree leading to Jamie, Diana Gabaldon didn’t have to exaggerate his life story- it truly was stranger than fiction.

The Old Fox was the last person to be publically beheaded in Britain, charged with treason in 1747. As he laid his head on the block, the stands collapsed, killing several spectators on the spot. Simon went to his death laughing uproariously- thus the origin of the phrase “Laughing his head off”!

Show the world that you are ready for whatever the day holds with a brooch or pendant from our Clan Fraser “Je Suis Prest” collection. The collection is official merchandise created in collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products. 

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