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Accessorize Like a Viking

Did the Vikings like to wear jewelry? What runic inscriptions did they use to ornament themselves? 

Today, we are channelling the spirit of his Viking ancestors to find out.

Despite the depiction of Vikings as hairy, dirty, smelly barbarians clad in floppy furs, history tells us that they were often actually well groomed and fashionable by the standards of the 9th century.

Young Celtic men were strictly forbidden from copying the hairstyles of the Vikings, who were apparently the epitome of cool. In fact, there are reports that some husbands and fathers had a difficult time keeping village girls from running off with sweet smelling, sharp dressed Northmen, who- horror of horrors had a habit of bathing at least once a week! 

Jewelry more than just Viking Bling

Maeshowe Dragon Leather Pendant. Viking Jewelry by Aurora Jewellery Orkney

Jewelry was the main way Vikings expressed themselves, and it could represent much more than just bling. It served as wearable merchandise, or items of trade, ready to whip off and barter in the marketplace

But more importantly, a Viking’s jewelry, often carved with runes, was a way of honouring and communicating with the gods. Runes were a magical version of drawing, able to protect, to curse, to tell the future and to mark out one’s ancestors, rank and social status.


Runic Rings

Gold Runic Wedding Ring. Viking Jewelry by Aurora Orkney

Runic rings could also be exchanged during a wedding to symbolize eternal love. What better way to carry the power of the gods with you than on a beautifully crafted brooch, or ring, necklace or bracelet from the Aurora Runic collection? Archaeologists think that Vikings may have used a version of the lost wax method to create some of their jewellery, and it’s this ancient process that we use to make our casts.



Runic Three Circle Necklace. Viking Jewelry by Aurora Orkney

 Today, you can evoke this ancient magic with your own jewellery from our Celtic Collection, inscribed with “Health and Happiness” and available on gorgeous hand crafted pendants, scarf rings, earrings and neck wires. Or get in touch  to commission a custom piece with an inscription of your choice. Either way, accessorizing like a Viking was never easier!


Selection of Runic Jewelry by Aurora Orkney
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